This is a copy of the writing on the back of the photo.
(Passenger seat: Ray De Vliey, at wheel: Joe Nelson, 1st production test car. Spring of 1919 St Cloud Minn)
A big thank you to Tom Kuenzel of Vancouver, WA. He sent us this photo of a Pan test car and wrote
" Hello!
I thought you may like this photo, but you probably have one. My grandfather worked there when they started up. He left to open up the Apex Garage( have photo) next to the Essex Motor Dealer in St. Cloud . My father and his dad ran that business from 1921 to 1924.
They sold that business and came to Washington state. Anyway, Enjoy !
I'll send the notes from the back of the pic. Also the Apex Garage.
Later, Tom Kuenzel
Vancouver, WA.
P.S. I still have my grandfathers' 'Pan' watch fob."