Pan#2 progress reports for September 2002

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We had another great Pan display at this years Car Show with four of the six Pan Model A cars known to exist. We did not reach our goal of completing all the work we wanted to do on Pan II as supply delays and time scheduling held us up.

We did complete the repair work on Pan I. We have Slim Carlson, who did a great deal of the original restoration on Pan I, to thank for that. Slim removed the entire rear end assembly, repaired the break in the housing and replaced the ring gear and pinion assembly with extra parts we got with Pan II and put everything back together without a leak.

For those of you who don't know Slim Carlson, it is his family who once owned the Ellis Pan. Slim, besides being a mechanical wizard, probably knows more about Pan cars than any person alive today. For that, and other reasons, we decided to take advantage of his expertise and have him work on finishing up much of the remaining work on Pan II.

The car will be going on display at the Ellingson Museum in early October and whatever work is yet unfinished at that time will be completed next spring.

It is my opinion that car restoration projects are never really completed and are continually in a state of upgrading and repair and I expect this one to be the same.

I hope for all of our members this project has been an educational experience in just how much work is involved in a restoration of this magnitude.

Warner Noble

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