Pan#2 progress reports for Sept. Oct. 2002


I hope a good many of you took the time to view the four car Pan display, along with the other outstanding cars, in the arena at our show. During the limited time I spent in the arena I noted that the Pan cars drew a lot of interest. People couldn't believe that of the very limited number of Pan cars known to exist, four of them are right here in St. Cloud. It also appeared that the Pan newspapers were selling quite well. In fact one man came back after he had started for his home in Baxter to buy a paper just as we were closing up the arena.

Our next project on the Pan is to fabricate a new wiring harness and then get the car running and driving.

It has been suggested that we should name our two cars rather than just referring to them as Pan I and Pan II. Personally I have never been one to name any of my cars, at least not names I could put into print. However, after thinking it over I have come up with a few ideas for naming Pan II; they being Amber, Scarlet or Ruby. Let the Board know what you think a good name would be.

Thanks again for your continued support as we near the home stretch of this project. I also wish to thank Don and Lois Blonigen for their leadership as well as all of you who worked to make our 2002 Show & Swap one of our best shows ever.

Warner Noble


Ed Bauer has ordered the wiring and by the time you read this the new wiring harness, along with some other mechanical work, will hopefully be completed and we will have Pan II running and driving.

We have an early October appointment for both Pan cars to go to Rapids Upholstery. Pan I needs to have some interior and top repair work. That will give Al at Rapids Upholstery a better chance to look things over before he starts on Pan II.

We will also be working on restoring the headlights and a taillight.

Barry Dohrman will be fabricating a rear compartment box to finish that part of the project.

We hope to be able to roll the finished product out for next years old car season.

Thanks for your continued support.

Warner Noble

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