Pan#2 progress reports for Oct.& Nov. 2000


Pan Progress Report Oct.2000

As I sit down to write this article Kirk Dickinson, Harry Grimley and I just returned from taking the wood body frame back to Odyssey Restorations. We returned with a pickup load of the old wood and other miscellaneous parts which we will be putting in storage. Before the body was returned, Kirk, Ed Bauer and I were able to take dimensions and photos of the body for future reference.

As I mentioned last month the next phase in the restoration will be the repair/replacement of the body sheet metal segments: cowl, door skins, rocker panels, B. pillars and rear tub. The coach builder from Northern Minnesota that Tom referred us to will be stopping at Odyssey in the next few days to look at the Pan and can then give us some idea on the cost of fabricating new sheet metal for the car. We hope in the next few weeks to start reassembling the chassis and running gear that are still stored at Ed's shop.

We really appreciate all the positive support we have received from the membership. Granted this is an ambitious and expensive undertaking, but to what better use can we put our efforts than to preserve a piece of our local history?

Warner Noble


Pan Progress Report Nov.2000

As I reported at the October General Meeting, work on our Pan is on temporary hold at Odyssey Restorations while we wait for the coach builder to give us an estimate on fabricating new body panels.

On the local scene we are currently moving the chassis, drive train, and suspension parts from Ed Bauer's shop to Les Adelman's newly constructed shop. This move will allow us more room to lay out our parts and move ahead on the reassembly of these parts. A big THANK YOU goes to Les for stepping forward and making this space available to us.

Now that the summer old car season is behind us, hopefully, we will all have some more time available to donate to this project. Any members who would like to be more actively involved in this restoration project can contact any Pan Committee member or myself.

Warner Noble

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