Pan#2 progress reports for Nov. & Dec. 1999

Pan Progress Report Nov.1999

First I feel I should apologize to you all for not getting information on the progress of Pan 2 published in a more timely manner. I guess the Car Show took more of my time and energy than I realized, but better late than never, so here goes.

From July of 1998 when we picked up the car until the end of the year we were able to clear the title through the state, sort and inventory parts, get the engine running and formulate a restoration plan.

Upon inspection it was apparent that the wood body framework was going to need considerable work. With Roy Bernick's help we were able to get Tom Rassmussen and one of his staff from Odyssey Restorations in Spring Lake Park to come here and look the car over. Tom agreed to undertake those parts of the restoration we would need them to do.

In early spring Roy Bernick and I delivered the car to Odyssey where the first phase of the work involved the careful disassembly of the body and removal of the sheet metal from the wood framework.

The metal was then cleaned and derusted which revealed a good deal of unsatisfactory previous metal work. It also revealed the previous wood framework restoration was entirely unsatisfactory. The wrong types of wood had been used and joints were poorly made and ill fitting. It was decided that an entire new body framework would need to be constructed. Because the body sheet metal is attached to the wood framework on this car the integrity of whole car depends on the framework being properly constructed.

Tom provided us with lists of missing parts we would need to find, some of which were on the parts car and some of which we are still looking for. Tom also put together a two step plan for the body restoration with the first step being construction of the new wood framework.

At the September meeting the board authorized work to proceed on the wood framework which is to be completed by 1/1/2000. In late September Roy Bernick and I took Roy's Pan Car down to Odyssey to use as a working model and aid in the wood framework construction.

At that time we brought the frame and chassis of our car back to St. Cloud. We did this in hope that we as a club could accomplish the clean up, restoration, painting and detailing of frame, engine, and running gear. Any work that we as club members can accomplish will of course reduce the total cost of restoring the car. Any club member interested in hands on involvement with this car is invited to contact any Pan Committee member, club officer, or myself. From here on I will do my best to keep you all informed of the restoration progress in a more timely manner.

Warner Noble

Pan Progress Report Dec. 1999

Last month I attempted to cover considerable ground, this month less ground will need to be covered. The wood frame body construction should be nearing completion by the time you read this newsletter. Chuck, the wood specialist at Odyssey, has been dividing his time between our car and another car needing wood body repair. Because our Board had set a spending limit for the year allowed Chuck to take a break from the Pan at times and still complete the work on schedule. Each month when we receive our statement from Tom at Odyssey he includes a complete breakdown of time spent and work completed along with a letter describing progress made during the month. In his latest letter he mentions what a Godsend it has been to have Roy's car there on site and that it appears that the coach builders at the Pan factory went about things in a very complex time consuming manner indicative of very low production work being done by coach builders learning their craft. In the course of this work it was decided to make all the dimensions equal side to side and front to back, this was done to save time over copying each dimension individually.

When it was first determined that an entire new wood body framework would need to be constructed one board member suggested we consider having a second wood body frame built at the same time as he felt much time and money could be saved doing it this way I asked Tom about this and he agreed much time and money could be saved. Another wood body frame would make a very interesting display item at our show and at the Steams History Museum. We could ad a piece of body sheet metal or two each year to make this an active display. Funding for this, of course, would be another matter. Funding for the entire project will need to be considered by the Board this month and whether we want the project to proceed in a timely manner or go on hold for a period of time.

Speaking of progress Ed Bauer has made some space available at his shop at Bauer Electrical where we can work on the chassis and running gear of our car hopefully getting it restored by the time Odyssey is ready with the body. At last months general meeting I mentioned that we are still looking for wheels and/or wheel parts for the car. I was asked if we could publish pictures or sketches of the wheels, at this time, I will just say if you run across wood spoke wheels which take 33" or 34" tires contact a Pan Committee member or board member and we will follow up all leads. Please don't buy any wheels on the chance they might work. The wheel measures 4 1/16" in width and 26 1/4" in diameter at the bead and is a split rim type.

Warner Noble

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