Pan#2 progress reports for November 2002


When Roy Bernick and I were appointed by the Board to oversee this project I had no idea that now, over three years later, we would still be involved. However we are now nearing the end. Therefore this month will conclude these regular monthly reports, periodic updates will follow.

By the time you read this Pan II will be at Rapids upholstery for the top and interior.

I am going to attempt at this time to thank those club members who have had a hands on involvement in this project: Lester Adelman, Mark Adelman, Ed Bauer, Shirley Block, Steve Brown, Walter Burton, Elmer Dahl, Kirk Dickinson, Todd Driver, Hary Grimley, Dave Hethrington, Jerry Plachecki, Gary Simpson, Victor Spears, Peter Voigt, John Weber and Terry Yager. This list does not include those members who lent their financial support or the numerous members who voiced support and encouragement.
Roy and I thank you all.

Warner Noble

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