Pan#2 progress reports for Nov. & Dec. 2001

Pan Progress Report Nov.2001

As I mentioned previously, we have been in a holding pattern the past month awaiting the parts being purchased from Mr. Strand in Bisbee, N.D. Don Blonigen, Duane Westberg, Ed Bauer and Dave Hethrington made the trip and thanks to them all the extra parts are now here.

Barry Dohrman has spent some time on the windshield frame and metal portions of the top bows, he will now be able to devote more time metal working the fenders and prepping the body.

I have talked with Cass, the coach builder who did all the body metal work, about fabricating a new hood and he has agreed to that job sometime after the first of November.

Thanks again for all your support.

Warner Noble

Pan Progress Report Dec.2001

Barry Dohnnan has put in some quality time on the Pan this past month and has the fenders and front splash apron metal work completed and new running boards fabricated. The fenders and front apron are ready for final priming, sanding and paint.

Kirk Dickinson and I took the jig that Barry made for us along with one of the original hoods up to Moose Lake to Cass on November 9th and he will be fabricating the new hood, which I expect to be completed before the end of the year.

Ed Bauer, Dave Hethrington, Kirk Dickinson and I finally had a chance to look over the parts that were brought back from Mr. Strand. As some of you may know there were three different models of the Pan Car: a pre-production Model 10 that was manufactured and assembled elsewhere and brought in for advertising purposes, a Model 250 the parts of which were manufactured elsewhere and shipped here for assembly, and then finally the Model A with which we are all acquainted. Information available indicates that 250 of the Model 250 cars were built and it has been assumed that none of these cars existed today. However after looking over these parts it appears they are the remains of the only Pan Model 250 known to exist. We are still unraveling the possible history of this car.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.

Wamer Noble

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