Pan#2 progress reports for May June 2002


In talking with Barry Dohrman he informs me all major body and fender parts have been worked over for final fit and the only area still requiring more metal work is the tub area (that is the area from one rear door around the back of car to other rear door). After that work is completed everything will be ready for final block sanding followed by disassembly, painting and reassembly.

Ed Bauer and members of the Steams History Museum went through our storage area and the museum staff selected several pieces from our parts supply to add to their transportation display. It will be interesting to see what changes the museum will be making.

Thanks to all for your continued support.

Warner Noble


Ed Bauer, Kirk Dickinson, Hary Grimsley and I recently went up to the clubs storage area and sorted through all the Pan Model 250 parts, marked everything and got the club trailer unloaded. There are lots of differences between the Model 250 and Model A Car.

Took some more small parts up to Barry Dohrman and looked over some of the work already completed. Believe me it's really looking great!

We also ordered running board linoleum and will be ordering nuts, bolts, screws and washers this week. Barry tells me he has his work schedule arranged so he will have considerable time in June to devote to our car.

Thanks to all for your continued support.

Warner Noble

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