Pan#2 progress reports for June & July 2000

Pan Progress Report June 2000

Again this month work at Odyssey on our Pan has been proceeding at about half time due to an abundance of wood-body work and only one wood specialist. Tom reports that the door dimensions on the Pan were not very consistent and Chuck has opted to make the doors more consistent in size side to side. The doorframes are rather tricky to construct as they contain compound curves most of which require hand cutting and shaping. Following door frame construction, the hinges and latches will be fitted and the doors hung. Following the wood framework will be the fabrication and fitting of the shoes which attach to the outside of the door frame and to which the door skins attach.

Tom again states it was an incredible asset to have Roy's Pan on site to refer to at various times, thanks again Roy.

By the time you read this the frame should be back from the Powder Coaters and the reassembly work on the chassis and running gear started. We hope to have the frame and chassis on display at our show. The tires have been ordered and should be here by late June.

In closing I will just say any member with a thousand dollars, or more, to invest at .08% can contact Duane or myself.

Warner Noble

Pan Progress Report July 2000

As I reported at the June General Meeting, the wood work for the door frames has been completed. The next big item will be disassembly of the wood framework, clean up of each piece and the final reassembly while gluing each joint. This brings us to a point in time to make a final decision about constructing a second wood body frame. At the time the wood framework is disassembled each piece could be quite easily and quickly duplicated. If we look to the future and assembling a third Pan Car, many of the parts for which we already own. Now is the time to do the wood work. The original estimate called for around 275 hours in wood frame construction. This went about 20% over mostly due to errors made in previous restoration work. At this time a second wood framework could be done with considerable savings. If the parts were duplicated and marked but not assembled an even greater savings would result. It will, however, still be expensive and the question becomes - can we afford such a project? You and the Board will need to decide that question.

The next question becomes, Why? Dennis Klug addressed some of these issues at the June meeting. Once Pan #2 is completed and paid for, we could proceed with Pan #3 at our own pace. If we took 5, 10, 15 or more years it would be no problem. While the restoration was in progress, we could display the work in stages each year at our show, and probably at the Steams History Museum also. The point has been made that we have less money in the bank than we had three years ago, and this is true. However, we have greater net worth, and having a fat bank account is not what this Club is all about. We are a non-profit organization. Please let your feelings be known on this matter.

Warner Noble

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