Pan#2 progress reports for July August 2002


By the time you read this the paint work including the color sanding and buffing should be completed leaving the assembly work to be done in time for our car show. At that time work remaining to be done would include the rear compartment box, headlight restoration, top and interior, and of course a few smaller items.

Those of you who attended the June meeting had a chance to see the finished wheels which Peter Voigt had on display. Peter refinished the two used front wheels that we purchased earlier and finished the two new rear wheels that we had made. Thanks go to peter for a great job.

Thanks again for your continued support.
Warner Noble


At this time the Pan including fenders, hood, running boards, radiator and shell, doors, top bows and windshield frame with glass have all been assembled. Several club members who have stopped in at Barrys shop all agree the car is really looking great. Items remaining to be restored or completed include: headlights, rear compartment box, top and interior, plus several loose ends that will need to be completed.

Be sure to check out the Pan display in the ice arena at our show.

I hope these reports over the past 2 1/2 + years have provided anyone who might be considering the complete restoration of an early car or truck a picture of what such a project involves.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Warner Noble

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