Pan#2 progress reports for July & Aug. 2001

Pan Progress Report July 2001

I was able to stop in at Odyssey Restoration on Thursday, June 21st and check on the Pan At this time work is being completed on the door shoes, those metal pieces that are attached to the wooden frame and on which the door skins attach. The fitting of these pieces is critical in determining the final fit of the doors. The schedule calls for our car to go to the coach builder by the end of June for fabrication of the door skins along with a couple of other sheet metal pieces, the rear inner fender panels and rear outside comers of the front seat. Following that all the sheet metal needs to be acid etched and sealed with epoxy primer. We hope to have all this completed in time to display the car at this years show.

Locally, Mike at Lincoln Radiator has completed work on the radiator and will be completing work on the gas tank shortly. It appears we may need to use that tank in Pan One as its tank has been giving lots of trouble of late.

Wamer Noble

Pan Progress Report Aug.2001

Work at Odyssey Restoration was completed and the Pan was transported on July 17, 2001 to the coach builder in Moose Lake. Cass will be fabricating the door skins, rear inner fender panels and front seat comer shells. We hope to have the car back here in St. Cloud the first week in August giving us time to clean and prep the car for display at our car show. Much progress has been made since last year when we had only the wooden body frame on display. Much work remains to be done and with your continued support and encouragement the completed project is in sight.

Warner Noble

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