Pan#2 progress reports for Jan.2002, Feb.2002

Pan Progress Report Jan. 2002


December has been a slower month for our Pan. Barry had other work in his shop and decided to wait until his Dad finished the new wood top bows and the new hood comes back from Cass before doing final body work and fitting of the sheet metal pieces.

The two new rear wheels we were having made finally arrived on the 21st of December. They really look great! Peter Voigt has volunteered to do the wood finishing and to refinish the two used front wheels and try to make the old ones match the new ones, no small task. Thanks Peter.

As we come to a point when we can begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel I again wish to thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. This has been a much longer and more costly project than first anticipated however not all that unusual as recognized by those who have been there.

Warner Noble

Pan Progress Report Feb. 2002


January, like December, has been a rather slow month as far as our Pan is concerned. Barry Dohrman's father is working on the top bows, it took some engineering to figure out the jigs he needed to make the bows. I have talked to Cass by phone and he should have the hood finished this month.

As I mentioned at the January general meeting, Walt Ellis has acquired a pristine copy of a Pan Model A owners manual and is planning on doing a reprint. These early owner's manuals were really quite interesting because they contained information not only on how to drive the vehicle but also on how to tune and do most repairs. Because of the interest shown at the meeting Walt plans to print enough copies to be able to offer a limited number for sale.

Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement.

Warner Noble

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