Pan#2 progress reports for Feb.& March 2001

Pan Progress Report Feb.2001

The staff of Odyssey are taking a break from our Pan this month, but Tom informs me he will have two people working on it next month. With two people working the door skins, "B" pillars, and rocker panels will hopefully be completed by the end of this month.

Locally we plan to have chassis and running gear completely assembled by early February. We can then transport that to Odyssey so the body can be placed back on the frame to make sure everything fits. The next phase of the work will be on the fenders and hood and related sheet metal parts.

Wamer Noble


Pan Progress Report March 2001

Although we did not have the chassis and running gear Completely assembled, as planned. Kirk Dickinson and I Transported the chassis down to Odyssey Restorations on Tuesday 2/13/01. The staff at Odyssey will be reattaching the body to the frame and complete the fitting of the "B" Pillars, rocker panels and doors.

The metal work done by the coach builder in the cowl and rear tub areas looks really great!

When Odyssey completes this phase of the work we will he bringing the car back here where work will continue on the fenders, hood, radiator shell and running boards, getting everything ready for paint.

Warner Noble

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