Pan#2 progress reports for Feb.- March 2000


Pan Progress Report Feb.2000

Pan Report #4

I wish to first thank John Weber and Shirley Block for bringing in some of the Pan parts they have been restoring to display at the meeting. John has machined a complete new distributor housing so we have a sound distributor.

Shirley Block brought in the Pan horn which he has disassembled, repaired and now has in good working order. He also brought in an ignition coil he obtained from Gary Simpson which when cleaned up was found to be dated 1918, Shirley also has that in good working order.

John has also straightened the rear u-joint and is working on other ignition parts.

Report from Odyssey indicates other projects kept Chuck from spending muchtime on the Pan this past month. Some final shaping and fitting of wood parts were completed. One of the reasons the wood frame work is so important on our Pan is that there is nothing connecting the right and left sides of the body together through the B-Pillar area. This is because the front seat of the Pan lays down to form the bed.

As I mentioned last month, the board has decided to finance continued restoration on the Pan by borrowing monies from our members. At the January board meeting, it was decided the club would pay lenders 8% interest. Duane and I worked with Jerry Plachecki to develop a Promissory Note and are now meeting with members who have indicated an interest in supporting this project by loaning of needed monies. Anyone interested in more information on this issue please contact Duane or me personally.



Pan Progress Report March 2000

Roy and I visited Odyssey Restoration on Tuesday, February 8, and work is progressing nicely. The front seat framework has been completed along with the seat back folding hardware. It was decided to add a frame member between the rear wheel opening and upper body rail, a place where there was nothing originally.

Locally, Vic Spears has completed restoration of the steering gear and column. Thanks, Vic! Roy has the dashboard out for refinishing and Shirley Block is working on dash gauges. We have obtained one really nice wheel and have another coming.

As I mentioned last month the board decided to borrow from you, the members, to keep the restorations moving along in a timely manner. We are working in one thousand dollar increments with a maximum of five thousand accepted from any one member. We will be paying 8% interest. Anyone with money to loan should contact Duane or myself. This is an opportunity for us to do collectively what most of us couldn't do individually.

Reminder! Those members who took part in the bus tour to Ellingson Car Museum last March have until the March 21st to take advantage of your 12 month pass.

Warner Noble

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