Pan#2 progress reports for Dec.2000 & Jan.2001

Pan Progress Report Dec.2000

Hopefully by the time this newsletter reaches you, the Pan wood body will have been moved up to Moose Lake and the coach builder will have started fabricating a new cowl section and new rear tub section. Cass, the coach builder, had requested that Odyssey do some work before he received the body and that has been completed.

On the local scene, we are starting some reassembly work and by the time you are reading this the work should be well under way. I wish to thank those members who came forward at the November meeting and offered to help. I have your names and will be calling on you as time progresses.

Some problems with the rear end housing have come to the surface and we are checking the rear end from the parts car to determine which parts and pieces are the best ones to use for the restoration.

Warner Noble

Pan Progress Report Jan.2001

The Pan wood body frame was transported to Cass, the coach builder, in Moose Lake in late November. Work there was completed quickly and it was back to Odyssey on the 14th of December . Work on the door skins, "B" pillars, and rocker panels will be done at Odyssey.

Locally, work is progressing on the chassis and running gear. It was decided to use the rear end assembly from the parts car as the one under the car appears to have been damaged and rather crudely repaired at some time. The wheel rims and some of the other wheel pats have been zinc plated courtesy of Terry Yager and Rapid Plating. Thanks, Terry!

We may be looking for some Saturday work days in January to move this assembly work along.

Warner Noble

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