Pan#2 progress reports for Aug.& Sept. 2000

Pan Progress Report Aug.2000

We had hoped to have the chassis and running gear for Pan #2 reassembled and on display at this year's car show. At this time, that does not appear likely. We do, however, plan to have the wood body frame on display.

Last month I mentioned that we needed to make a decision about duplicating the wood body frame for possible future use. After considerable discussion, the board agreed that making a duplicate set of wood was a good idea; but it was simply too costly a thing to do at this time. We now have the tires, tubes, flaps and valve caps and hopefully will be able to send the wood parts off so the two rear wheels we need can be built. Everyone's summer schedule seems to be quite fall and progress has slowed somewhat.

We could use a couple more interested members on the Pan Committee.

Warner Noble

Pan Progress Report Sept.2000

I hope many of you had a chance to view both Pan #1 and the wood body framework for Pan #2 on display in the Ice Arena at our show. It attracted considerable interest on Saturday when we were getting things set up for Sunday. Most people simply don't have any idea what an intricate wood framework hides under the sheet metal body panels on these old cars.

We have had a couple months off at Odyssey, but now when we return the wood body to them the next major stage of work can begin. That next stage will be the repair and/or fabrication of the body sheet metal. The combination of age, neglect and substandard previous restoration work may make it less costly to fabricate some body segments from new sheet metal. With our show is behind us and old car activities are winding down we can get back to work assembling the chassis and drive train.

As I mentioned last month, we could use a couple more Pan Committee members, male or female, young or experienced.

Warner Noble

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