Pan#2 progress reports for April & June 2001

Pan Progress Report April 2001

Good news from Odyssey Restorations, the body fit back on the frame without the need for any major adjustments. I think that speaks volumes for the quality of their work and the coach builders work. Especially when you consider the body was built on a jig separate from the car. The other work at Odyssey on the under door sill pieces, doglegs, and B-pillars is alsoprogressing nicely.

Locally we have been working with the new radiator shop on Lincoln Avenue that Jerry Plachecki talked about at our March General Meeting. Mike, the owner, spent some time trying to repair the old core without success. In radiator shop Terminology the core is rotten! A new core has been ordered and should be here in 4-5 weeks.

Warner Noble


Pan Progress Report June 2001

Through no ones fault but my own last month's (May) report did not reach the editors in time to make it into the newsletter. At this time all the door frames have been completed, including one rear door which Odyssey rebuilt completely at no cost to us. This final fitting and shaping of the doors, along with hinge and latch fitting, repair of door latches and fabrication of door bumpers is very labor intensive work but also critical to the quality of the final product. The door shoes, the metal pieces which are fastened to the wooden door frame and onto which the door skins are attached have also been fabricated. The next step is fabricating the new door skins themselves. Because of the compound curves of the doors, it was decided that the car will be transported back to the coach builder who did the rear body and cowl work to have the new door skins fabricated. We hope to have the car back here sometime in July.

Locally Mike at Lincoln Radiator is working on putting the new core in the radiator and cleaning, repairing and sealing the gas tank.

Some pictures of the Pan's wood body structure may become part of a book currently being written by Rollie Johnson of Foley. Rollie is a gifted wood worker who has authored several magazine articles on automotive wood framing. He is currently finishing a book for Classic Motorbooks and contacted me about some pictures.

Warner Noble

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