Pan#2 progress reports for April & May

Pan Progress Report April 2000

Roy and I visited Odyssey Restoration on Tuesday, March 7, where work is nearing completion on the wood body frame. Because of other cars requiring wood work, their wood specialist has been spending somewhat less time on our Pan.

We picked up the second of the two Firestone wheels we purchased and we had Tom Rasmussen examine it and he felt, as we did, that the wood parts of the wheel are restorable. We now have two restorable wheels and, hopefully, enough rims and other metal parts needed to have two more wheels built.

We will soon be deciding on brand, type, and size of tires we want on this car. Our #1 Pan has 34 X 4 1/2 tires while Roy's car has 33 X 4 as the cars were originally equipped. There is a third size available, 35 X 5, which also fits a 25-inch rim. Originally, Pan's came with 33 X 4 tires, the fronts being smooth and the rears were treaded.

Locally Shirley Block has rebuilt the carburetor and has it ready to go. The frame has been sandblasted and is in Little Falls at Ultra Image for power coating.

In the March issue of the Minnesota Street Rod Association newsletter, there was an article by Jim Davis which included several pictures of cars under restoration including our Pan. Jim mentions that one of the highlights of the open house was seeing our Pan and he included a little history of the Pan Motor Company.

Anyone who is looking for a place to invest that income tax refund talk to Duane or me. We know where you can get 8% on your money.

Warner Noble

Pan Progress Report May 2000

This past month has seen little progress on the Pan. Other work at Odyssey Restoration has allowed Chuck, their wood specialist, to take a break from the Pan for a few weeks.

Roy and I went to Odyssey on Monday, April 10, and brought back all the wheels and parts. It appears we have two restorable wheels for the front of the car and will need to have two wheels made for the rear.

The frame should be returning from the powder-coaters shortly. We plan to have the restored chassis and running gear assembled in time to display at our car show.

Anyone with money left over after taxes and interested in investing it at eight percent should contact Duane or myself. The response to date has been very positive, but we have some items of considerable expense upcoming.

Warner Noble

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