250 Pan project

Pan Model 250 Project Update No. 1

First some History: Some years ago a group of hearty members set out for the Dakota Territory in search of a rumored Pan car for sale. They returned with a trailer full of Pan car parts which they quicky started disassembling to allow for more ease of storage.

It was soon noted that this car was different in several ways from the other two Pan cars. It became apparent the guys had scored not just another Pan car, but a Pan Model 250.

Some of the parts were put on display at the Stearns History Museum and the remainder put in storage. Nothing happsped until 2012 when the History Museum sent us a request for money to update their display.

The Club was at the same time changing our storage area. The timing seemed right for us to undertake a project and develop a more meaningful display for the Model 250 and a committee was formed consisting of: Lester Adelman, Mark Adelman, Gary Anderson, Keith Bauman, John Trutwin, and myself. We have most recently added Tim Goodner to the committee.

In meeting with Adam Smith at the History museum and looking over the amount of items to he displayed it was decided a small flatbed type trailer could best service our needs and plans were drawn up, materials acquired, and work undertaken with an $800 budget alloted hy the Board.

The trailer is now ready to have us start constructing the actual display. This is a golden opportunity for our Cluh to display the only Pan Model 250 known to exist. The trailer is completed,the funds are depleted,donations will he gladly accepted.

Thank you,
Warner Noble

Here are a couple pictures of the "250 Project"

This trailer has been built from scratch. It measures 7' x 14' with a plywood deck. We will have a display of the running gear and possibly other parts. Hope to bring it to a future meeting for members to get a first-hand look.

The "250" Committee
Thanks, Les A.

Pan Model 250 Project
Update No.3

This photo from Lester Adelman shows the Pan frame with the cross members,
front and rear suspension plus engine,
transmission, with emergency brake,
drive shaft and rear axle assembly all securely attached to the trailer.

The engine shown is similar to the Model 250 engine being a four cylinder overhead valve
with gravity flow fuel system, thermosiphon cooling and points type distributor.

We plan to add a few more pieces possibly the cowl section and steering before we take a break for the summer.

Pan 250 Project Committee
Warner Noble

Here are some photos taken at the July 2013 Meeting.


Pan Model 250 Project
Update No.4

By this time I hope all our members have had a chance to view Phase One of the Pan 250 project. The display drew considerable interest at our show. Lots of questions from young and old alike.

Part of our objective in this project is to educate the public about the old car hobby and how interesting and enjoyable the hobby can be.

We will be moving our center of operation this winter from the Adelman shop to Ron Fruths shop. Ron has agreed to share his shop with our project.

Plans for Phase Two calls for adding some of the wooden framework and attaching some of the body sheet metal to the wooden framework.

Thank You
Warner Noble

Here are some photos of the work that Ron Fruth has done on the 250 project.



Here are some photos that where in the Dec. 2013 Siftings on the 250 project.

Here is the Pan 250 report from the February 2014 Siftings.

Here is the Pan 250 report from the April 2014 Siftings.

Here is a couple of photos from the July 2014 meeting.

Here is the 250 Project report from the August Siftings.

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